Permits are required for many alterations that are made to private homes and businesses.   The following is a summary of permits that are required.   Questions regarding the need for and process for obtaining a permit should be directed to the Community Services department at 412 831-6800 x. 133 or 135.   All associated fees are listed on the Municipal Development Fee Schedule

Artisan permit

An Artisan Permit is required for any alterations and or additions to property that affect property drainage (i.e. surface drainage, French drains).  Driveways and parking lots also require an Artisan Permit.  

Permit Acquisition:  An Artisan permit may be acquired by providing to the Code Enforcement Office a copy of the property survey, which shows the proposed systems/layout of work to be completed.  Applicants may acquire the permit during code enforcement office hours.

Building Permit:
A building permit is required for any and all new construction, additions and/or alterations to property.

The following is a list of examples that are not commonly thought to require a Building Permit but do:   New roof, New windows (of different size), HVAC replacements Electrical service replacements, fencing over six foot,
Swimming pools, hot tubs/spas,
Basement finishing Foundation drainage, sump pump.

Questions regarding the need for a permit should be directed to 412 831-6800 x. 130 or 131 or emailed to

Building Permit Acquisition: A Building Permit may be acquired by providing detailed plans of proposed work; plans must show enough detail/clarification to determine compliance with the Statewide Building Code.  A property survey must be provided along with the detailed plans to determine zoning compliance.  Applicants are encouraged to contact the Code Enforcement office to review in detail what information may be needed prior to applying for the permit.