Occupancy permit:
Occupancy Permits are required for all new construction or a change of use of an existing structure (i.e. office to restaurant or general office to doctors office, etc).

Occupancy Permit Acquisition: If a Building Permit has been issued, the Occupancy Permit will be issued upon final inspection; no separate application is necessary.  If a building permit was not issued a written request for change of use must be submitted to the Code Enforcement office ten business days in advance of the need for the Occupancy Permit.

Zoning permits

A Zoning Permit is required for any and all changes in the use of a property, including any changes that affect parking facilities.  Residential sheds (400 sq. ft maximum size) and detached garages (1000 sq. ft. maximum size, with attached driveway) also require a zoning permit.

Zoning Permit Acquisition:  Residential Zoning permit applicationsmust be completed and submitted to the Code Enforcement Office with a property survey showing location of proposed changes.  Commercial Zoning Certification/Permit applications and a written explanation of the proposed change in use, including the following information:

Name and contact information of person requesting Certification/permit,
Property address,
Property Tax ID number,
Address of where Certification is to be sent,
ü       Date Certification/permit is needed.
The Certification/permit request should be mailed or delivered to Municipal Planner at: 5100 West Library Avenue, Bethel Park with a check for $20.00.

Outdoors Activities Permit:
Outdoor activities that require a permit are any activities conducted outdoors within or about tents or other such contrivances within any commercially zoned districts in the Municipality, including carnivals, outdoor displays of merchandise, vehicles or manufactured products, promotions, amusements, gatherings of people, the outdoor sale of merchandise or products that are normally available for purchase within a completely enclosed building located on the same lot or premises on which the activities are being conducted.

Outdoor Activities Permit Acquisition:  An Outdoor Activity application must be completed and submitted to the Code Enforcement Office ten business days in advance of the activity for which a permit is required.