Page last updated on 12/28/2012



What is the "PSD Code" for Bethel Park?

The PSD Code for all residents of the Municipality of Bethel Park is 730201. 


What is the rate of tax?

The total 2016 local Earned Income Tax rate in Bethel Park is 1.4%.  This is split between the Municipality (0.9%) and the Bethel Park School District (0.5%). 


Where can I download a copy of the 2015 final Earned Income Tax form for Bethel Park?

A 2015 final Earned Income Tax return for Bethel Park (including the Bethel Park PSD code and tax rate) is available here


Who is responsible to pay EIT?

Any Bethel Park resident who has an earned income and/or net profits income. There are no exemptions due to age, level of income, or attendance at school.


What are the filing requirements and payment due dates?

Effective January 1, 2012, employers within the state of Pennsylvania are required to withhold local earned income tax from their employees' pay.  If your employer has done this properly, you are only required to file a final return which is due on April 15 of each year. 

Self-employed taxpayers and taxpayers who do not have their local earned income tax withheld by their employer are required to make quarterly payments. Please contact Jordan Tax Service for information on how and when to remit quarterly payments. In addition to quarterly payments, you are also required to file a final return which is due on April 15 of each year.

It is important to verify with your employer that they are withholding at the current rate of 0.9% for the Municipality of Bethel Park and 0.5% for the Bethel Park School District, and that your employer is reporting the proper PSD code for Bethel Park (730201). If the proper amount of tax is not withheld, the taxpayer is responsible to pay the difference of the tax due quarterly.

For any taxpayer who has not made quarterly payments, or if the quarterly payments were less than the total tax liability due, applicable penalty and interest will be applied to the outstanding balance and will continue to accrue until such time that all tax due is paid in full.

New residents or residents who are paying the tax for the first time must register with Jordan Tax Service.

If a resident's employer withholds local EIT, the arrangement should be verified annually to ensure that the proper amount of tax is being withheld, and that the employer is reporting the proper PSD code (730201).  Additionally, if a resident changes employers, the resident is responsible for arranging the proper Bethel Park withholding with their new employer.

Where/how is the tax paid?

Payments for local EIT that are not withheld by your employer can be made using any of the following methods:

* Drive up and drop your payment in the orange deposit box located in the Municipal Building's lower parking lot;

* Via mail to the Jordan Tax Service Bethel Park office, 7100 Baptist Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102;

* In-person at the Jordan Tax Service Bethel Park office indicated above, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  (a deposit box is also available at this location 24 hours/day);

* Online at

All Municipal taxes are due on or before the established due dates regardless of whether a tax bill is received by the resident.