What is the current rate of tax?

$52.00 per year


Who is responsible to pay?

Each person who engages in an occupation within the Municipality of Bethel Park for any length of time in any year.


Are there any exemptions?

Yes. There is an Active Duty Military exemption, a Military Disability Exemption, and an exemption for those who earn less than $12,000/year in the Municipality. If you believe you qualify for one of these exemptions, please contact Jordan Tax Service or your employer to acquire an Exemption Certificate.  The completed Certificate must be presented to both Jordan Tax Service and your employer.


Where/how is the tax paid?

Employers are required to deduct the tax from employees' paychecks evenly throughout the year.  For example, an employee who is paid weekly would see the tax deducted at the rate of $1 per paycheck while an employee who is paid bi-weekly would have $2 deducted per paycheck.   Employers must remit the withholdings quarterly to Jordan Tax Service using the prescribed form.  Note, however, that the failure of any employer to deduct the tax shall not relieve the employee from the duty to file a return and pay the tax.

Self-employed taxpayers, and taxpayers whose tax for any reason is not withheld by their employer, are required to pay their tax quarterly using the forms prescribed by Jordan Tax Service.


When is the tax due?

Each employer, self-employed taxpayer, or taxpayer whose tax for any reason is not withheld by their employer, shall file a return on a form prescribed by Jordan Tax Service, and pay Jordan Tax Service the full amount of all such taxes deducted during a calendar quarter within 30 days after the end of the calendar quarter.