SwiftReach Emergency Community Notification System


            SwiftReach is Bethel Park's Emergency Community Notification System.  The SwiftReach System is capable of delivering a 30 second phone message to the entire Bethel Park community in under 30 minutes. The System can be used to disperse information about emergencies, critical incidents, community bulletins, criminal incidents, natural disasters, or industrial accidents.  The System will advise residents of specific steps to take to ensure their own safety or to assist emergency personnel through a recorded telephone message.  If you have an answering machine, the system will leave the message on your answering machine.  Because there is no industry standard for answering machines, you may only receive part of the message. For this reason, the message in most cases, will be repeated twice to insure that everyone receives the entire message.  If you have an automated answering system that answers your calls and prompts a caller to press numbers for options, or if you have a device that blocks telemarketing calls, you will not receive the message. The message will be very specific.  It is important that you follow the instructions as closely as possible.  Some examples of instructions that the message may give you are: "remain in your home, close and secure windows and doors, evacuate the area, take measures to address public health and safety issues or prevent crimes such as burglaries or frauds and scams, observe the area around your home to assist emergency responders (missing persons etc.)".  The Caller ID will appear as 412-831-6800 Municipality of Bethel Park.  If you receive a message from the System, it is important that you understand that the System is capable of making THOUSANDS OF CALLS and you are only one of many receiving a call.  DO NOT CALL 412-833-2000, 412-831-6800 OR 9-1-1 WITH QUESTIONS UNLESS THE MESSAGE INSTRUCTS YOU TO DO SO! Calls of such a high volume will hinder the efficiency of the Emergency Dispatch Center and could overwhelm the Municipality's phone system.  If you are required to respond or provide information, the message will include instructions.  If additional information is available, the message will include instructions on how to access the information.     

            The SwiftReach System's database does not include unlisted phone numbers or recently issued phone numbers.  If your phone number is unlisted, has been recently issued, your cell phone is your primary phone, or if you moved from a Bethel Park address to a new address within Bethel Park, your information has to be added or updated in the database. For you to receive the messages sent via Swift Reach, you must answer the phone or have an answering machine.

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