“Street Lights”

This article is to let resident’s know that if you have a street light out in your neighborhood, you have several options to report it and get the street light fixed.  Street lights are very important to the safety of our residents and it is important that the street lights get repaired in a timely fashion.  If you notice a street light that is not working in your neighborhood, you can:

.  Call your power company and report the light out.  For First Energy (West Penn Power) call 1-800-720-3600 and for Duquesne Light call 412-281-4285

. You can go on the Municipal Website www.bethelpark.net , and go to the “Street Light” tab.  After the police tab, you will select Traffic Division.  At the bottom of the page is the link to report a street light out.

. You can report the outage to 412-833-2000 Please, only do this if you have done the first two and the light is still not fixed.

The information you will need to correctly report the outage is the closest address where the pole is located, and possibly the pole number which is located on the pole, visible from the road.  Please try reporting the outage to the power company first.  You are able to provide the information needed to get the repair work done the quickest.  Street Lights are important to the safety of our community so please try to assist the police department in keeping them working properly.

Thank you.

Bethel Park Police Department