Community Center Gym and Track Membership Program

A membership pass is required for use of the Bethel Park Community Center Gymnasium and Walking Track.  The annual memberships and single day guest passes are available for purchase by both residents and non-residents.

The passes are available for purchase at the Community Center during normal business hours.  Customers will be required complete a simple membership application  and provide photo identification such as a drivers license in order to prove residency.  Once payment is received a photo ID will be established for each member; this process is expected to take less than 10 minutes.  The passes issued will be a wallet size card as well as a  small key tag card.  Guest passes will be included with each membership.   Individual memberships will include 5 complimentary guest passes and Family memberships will include 15 complimentary guest passes.  Guest pass utilization will be tracked electronically for the convenience of the members and additional passes will be available for purchase.

Membership categories include Youth, Adult, Senior Adult, and Family for both residents of Bethel Park and non-residents.  Youth memberships will require a parent or guardian to be present during the membership application process.   Memberships are strongly encouraged for Bethel Park residents who do not possess a photo id such as a driver's license; this will eliminate the need to prove residency every time the Gym or Walking track is used.

   Annual Membership Category                   Resident         Nonresident     

        Youth (13-17 years old)                     $   5.00            $ 125.00                     

        Adult (18-59 years old)                      $ 10.00            $ 150.00                     

        Family                                              $ 25.00            $ 250.00                     

        Senior Citizen (60+)                          $   5.00            $   80.00

        Additional Guest Passes – 5  passes      $  4.00            $   45.00

    Daily pass:

              Individual                                   $   1.00            $   10.00



Members will present their card at the bar code reader that will be located at the entrance to the track/gym.  The scanned card will provide the Community Center Clerk with the photo of the individual assigned to that card.  Should a member forget their ID card they may provide their membership information to the Community Center Clerk and the Clerk will access the members account and will be able to quickly identify each member based on the photo ID in the system.

The Gym and Walking Track are occasionally used for Recreation Department activities which will restrict access.  Up to date information on the Open Gym Schedule is available on a monthly basis.