Sealed Proposals will be received by the Municipality of Bethel Park 5100 West Library Avenue, Bethel Park, PA 15102 until 12:00 p.m. prevailing time on Tuesday September 8th, 2020 for the following project:


2020 I.T. Move to Cloud Project


This project includes phase 1 of a migration of IT services from on-premises servers to M365 services for the Municipality of Bethel Park.

Proposals shall be delivered in a sealed envelope, clear­ly marked on the outside with the words “2020 Move to Cloud Project”.


RFP requests and Questions can be requested by contacting Drew Dowdell, Project Manager at no later than August 18th at 4pm.

365 Cloud – Phase 1 – IT RFP 2020 PDF

Copies of Specifications, Instructions to Bidders, General Conditions, Forms of Proposals and Agreement for each project are on file and open to public inspection at the office of 5100 West Library Road, Bethel Park PA 15102.  $15.00 will be required for any copies if they are to be mailed.

The Municipality of Bethel Park reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals, or any part thereof, for any reason, and also reserves the right to waive any informality therein.


By:       Laurence Christian

Municipal Manager



  1. Timeframe:  When is a decision being made when RFP responses are due September 8, 2020, and the RFP says work is to start on or before September 15, 2020?
    1. Work start would include items such as discovery by your teams, etc.  We are flexible on the exact start date, however, we are firm on ending this project by December 18th. Bids will be opened and reviewed on Sept 8th with a decision rendered asap.
  2. Project Scope: How many mailboxes in total (not just users) and their sizes are impacted as part of this project?  This is needed to understand licensing requirements and the scope of deployment.
    1. 119 mailboxes as of 8/18/2020
  3. Project Scope: With regards to network and server support, what is this vendor’s current responsibilities in supporting the environment?  Are they a bidder on this RFP?
    1. The current vendor does server support and some end-user support.  They also manage the network and VPN. They would continue with ongoing support for the duration of our contract with them. Once services have been migrated and have passed a warranty period, support would move to the current vendor.  The current vendor has not yet bid on this project, however, we do expect they will submit a bid.
  4. Project Scope:  Is there an objective to completely remove all on-premises servers or will this remain a hybrid environment?  If the latter, a better understanding of the requirement to move the internal DNS server is needed.
    1. This project is phase 1 of a 4 phase program. We expect to remain in a hybrid environment at the end of this project phase. At this point, we are only expecting to migrate core services such as the DC, Exchange, DNS, and shut down on-prem versions of these services where feasible. We understand that moving to Azure Active Directory as a sole AD provider may not be possible at this time, and in that case, would like to move to a cloud-based active directory server as the hardware the DC sits on currently is EOL. We would like to join the end-user computers to the AAD. In future phases, we will move non-core servers to Azure. We would like to be completely off on-prem Exchange by the end of this project. The goal of this project is to get as many of our core servers as possible off local hardware and into Azure or replaced by a 365 service. The long term goal of the program is to move as many services as possible into the Microsoft 365 stack.
  5. Project Scope: In assisting users in migrating their home drives to OneDrive, what is the expectation on the migration of data?
    1. Potentially hands-on support/coaching if needed. This can be done via TeamViewer sessions and telephone to limit physical contact. All devices currently have TeamViewer installed and most/all of the userbase is familiar enough with it to start a session.
  6. Project Scope: When mentioning BitLocker, is there a reason that Intune will not be used to manage computers and policies like BitLocker?
    1. No, policy enforcement can be done with InTune as that is the future technology rather than GPO.
  7. Project Scope: It mentions retiring the on-premises domain controller, that would remove the ability to use group policies if required?  Is this a requirement?
    1. The on-prem DC needs to be replaced due to hardware age. There may be other reasons to keep a traditional DC alive in Azure, however as InTune is the future state of the technology for endpoint device policies, we are fine with moving away from a GPO environment. Keeping a DC just to keep GPO intact is not desirable with InTune in the picture.
  8. Project Scope:  Given the current use of a third party vendor managing parts of the current environment, is there a requirement to manage the implemented solution on-going?
    1. Management of the end state will be under the current support vendor.
  9. What operating systems are running on all of your clients (including versions, SP or patch levels)?
    1. The end-user base is entirely on Windows 10 with the latest or near latest patches.  There are 1 or 2 Win7 machines that run specific equipment will ideally be replaced with new Win10 machines by us as this project moves forward.
  10. What types of mobile devices are being used (Apple iOS, Android – including versions)?
    1. Mobile devices are primarily iOS but we do allow Android. Any device not having a new enough OS will have the OS upgraded or the device replaced.  The bulk of devices are recent and should not be an issue.


  1. Does the Municipality desire more sophisticated backup and recovery points for email, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams data – outside of Microsoft’s included services?
    1. We intend to leave our current solution in place with Veem and expand it to cover the 365 services. This was intentionally left out of the RFP as we would rely on Jenlor for that service. So while we will appreciate pricing for it, it would need to be quoted separately from this project as an expansion of the service we already utilize.
  2. Increased Cloud adoption emphasizes the need for additional layers of security.  Would the Municipality like to layer-on dual factor authentication (DUO)?
    1. This requires further internal discussion, but should we pursue MFA, we would utilize the solution built into 365.
  3. Currently, your email security software is MimeCast, which provides email continuity, anti-spam, targeted threat protection and email archiving.  Would you like to proceed with this solution after your email is transitioned to 365?
    1. We will transition out of MimeCast and leverage M365 ATP(Level 2).
  4. Email awareness training has become a hot topic more recently due to statistics highlighting the common reasons for breaches.  Would the Municipality like to layer-in KnowBe4 as an ongoing educational solution?
    1. This would be outside of the scope of this project, but separate pricing would be appreciated.