Press Release – April 27th, 2020
Based upon Pennsylvania COVID-19 guidelines, the Bethel Park Summer Spectacular scheduled for Saturday, June 27 at Millennium Park has been canceled.
Additionally, Bethel Park Recreation summer programs are being restructured also in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines with an anticipated re-start date of Monday, July 6.

“We realize that these closures and delays will have an impact on our community; however, we’re working diligently to create an updated summer recreation programming schedule that will meet the needs of all segments of our community while staying within required guidelines,” said Bethel Park Municipal Manager Laurence Christian.  “During this challenging time, we’ll also be partnering with local childcare centers to try and accommodate the needs of parents who will be returning to work and have traditionally sent their children to our Recreation Summer Camps.”

Recreation programs in the Municipality’s “Bethel Park Chronicles” will not be included in the upcoming May 18 issue to allow for programming updates; once complete, a dedicated “Recreation-only” piece will be made available to residents.

“I also encourage our community to visit our newly updated website ( for valuable information,” said Christian.  “We appreciate the patience of our community as we navigate through these challenging times.  And, we encourage our residents to contact us with any questions or needs they may have.”