Code Enforcement Hotline

Code Enforcement Hotline

The Municipality of Bethel Park is pleased to announce that a new Code Enforcement Officer will be hired to assist staff in the prevention, detection, investigation, and enforcement of violations of laws regulating public nuisance, public health, safety, and welfare. The new Code Enforcement Officer will primarily focus on providing enforcement related to Municipal ordinance compliance for property maintenance issues including high grass and vegetation overgrowth, the accumulation of junk and debris; dead trees; rodents and infestations; stagnant water; trash collection; debris on the street; and stormwater ordinance related issues.

The new Code Enforcement Officer will allow for a more proactive approach to work with residents and businesses to address violations within the Municipality. The overall goal of the Code Enforcement Officer will be to keep our community clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

A new Hotline is now available to report problems

To assist residents and businesses with reporting code violations, a hotline has been set up so that problems may be reported at any time. The hotline number is 412-851-2777 or 412-831-6800, x240.  You may also report code violations by clicking here and completing the online form.

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