Minor (no new lots created) $50.00
Major (new lot created) $350.00 for the first two lots, plus $25.00 for each additional lot
Development Fee (due upon approval) $125.00 for first two lots, plus $25.00 for each additional lot
Inspection Fee Minimum 1-3/4% of development cost
Legal Fees As billed by Municipal Solicitor for preparation of Development Agreement
Monuments & Perimeter Survey Pins

$1,000.00 per monument and $250.00 per pin-

Returned upon installation of monuments and pins

Traffic Control Signs Actual cost of sign and installation
Distribution and copying Recorded Plan $25.00 per reproducible sheet


Sub Minor Land Development $300.00
Minor Land Development $500.00
Major Land Development $700.00
Conditional Use $700.00 plus public hearing fee
Rezoning Request $750.00 plus public hearing fee

Zoning Hearing Board Appeals

Single Family

Commercial and Others




Certificate of Occupancy $50.00
Home Occupation Permit $50.00
Subdivision:  Plan : Distribution Fee $25.00
Allegheny County Plan Review Fees Subject to Allegheny County Rate: Variable scale as issued by Allegheny County (fee to be made payable to Allegheny County)


Artisan Permit $50.00
Zoning Certification $50.00
Building Permit & Signs under $1000.00 Value $40.00 for first $500.00 or less value.  For each additional $100.00 value, the fee shall be an additional $2.00 per $100 of value up to $1,000 value.
Building Permit & Signs $1000.00 Value and Over $50.00 for the first $1,000.00 of estimated value, $8.00 for each additional $1,000.00 of value
Grading Permit

$50.00: Not more than 50 cubic yards

$75.00: More than 50 yards, but no more than 1,000 cubic yards

$75.00: More than 1,000 cubic yards plus $25.00 for each additional 1,000 cubic yards or a portion thereof

Excavation Permit

$50.00: Up to 50 linear feet in length

Over 50 feet; $50.00 plus $0.50 per foot over 50 linear feet

Disturbing Manholes or vaults (with Main lines): $50.00

Disturbing Manholes or vaults (Independent): $100.00

Street Crossing by boring: $75.00

Street Crossing by trenching $150.00

Street Opening Permit

$75.00: Up to 50 linear feet in length

$75.00: More than 50 linear feet in length plus $1.00 per foot over 50 linear feet

$150.00: For street crossings

Encroachment Agreement Fee & Recording Fee $25.00 and Recording Fee
Sewer Tap-In Fee $2,500.00
Site Restoration Fee $200.00 – Refunded upon restoration of site
Easement Vacation $125.00 plus public hearing fee
Street Vacation $125.00 plus public hearing fee
Fire Inspections $50.00 first visit, $30.00 per hour for the follow-up not to exceed $100.00 for one building or $200.00 for multiple buildings
Fire Code Appeals $400.00
Demolition Permit $50.00 Res.  $100.00 Comm.
Re-inspection Fee $30.00 per hour
Outdoor Activity Permit

Charitable, religious or philanthropic purposes: Exempt

$40.00 per day: when no amusement rides are present

$70.00 per day: when amusement rides are present

Sandblasting $100 per day plus $10.00 per day after the first day
Commercial Spray Painting $50.00 per day plus $10.00


Public Hearing Costs¹ $400.00
Zoning Ordinance $25.00
Subdivision Ordinance $15.00
Zoning Map $5.00
Long Range Plan (full set) $50.00
Long Range Plan (summary) $6.00
Large Street Map or Zoning Map $20.00
Written Certificate of Zoning $50.00
Research Fee $30.00 per hour with no charge if less than 15 minutes
Recording Fee (Allegheny County Fee) – Subject to Allegheny County recording rate $92.50 plus each additional page $2.00 (as of rate published 07/2011)
Administrative fee for returned checks $30.00

¹A Public Hearing Fee is an additional fee charged for re-zonings, street & easement vacations and conditional uses or any other matters requiring a special hearing.