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Bethel Park, PA 15102

10-11 A.M.
Afternoon Hours Available Through Appointment Only

Robert Hicks
Commercial Building Inspections
412.831.6800 x135

Vince Kelly
Residential Building Inspections
412.831.6800 x133

The Building Inspection Division of Community Services is responsible for the enforcement of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code as well as the adopted 2015 ICC codes. In addition, the Building Inspection Division is tasked with the enforcement of our local zoning ordinances as found in Chapter 69 of our municipal code.


Building permits are required for an owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a commercial building, structure and facility or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system regulated by the Uniform Construction Code shall first apply to the building code official and obtain the required permit under§ 403.42a.  A full list of permits with descriptions are available here.

A Zoning Permit is required for any and all changes in the use of a residential or commercial property, including any changes that affect parking facilities.  Residential sheds detached garages, play structures and carports also require a zoning permit.

A Zoning Permit is required for any alterations and/or additions made that affect property drainage (ie. surface drainage).  Driveways and parking lots that are increased in size also require an Zoning Permit.

Questions about Building Code and/or permit requirements should be directed to  or you may
call (412)831-6800 x. 135 or email

Permit Submissions 

To better serve the residents of Bethel Park , there are multiple ways to submit a permit with us.  You can follow the traditional route and drop Permits off to the Community Services Department, there is also municipal drop box for after hour submissions that can be utilized.  All necessary building permit applications, construction plans, dye test applications, etc. can be placed in the box for review. The RED drop box is located next to the police department entrance and its labeled- “Drop Box Municipal Permits”. The third option is to submit all necessary information via email at  If you have any questions regarding permit applications please call- 412-831-6800 ext. 130 or 131.

Permit Applications:  Click on the applicable link below to download the desired permit application.

Bee Keeping Permit Application

Commercial Permit Application
Residential Permit Application
Demolition Permit Application
Chicken Permit Application
Chicken Manure Management Plan
General Permit Application
Grading Permit Application
Grading Permit Checklist
Occupancy Permit Application
Sign Permit Application
Fire Alarm Permit Application
Fire Suppression Permit Application
Outdoor Activity & Merchant Permit
Zoning Permit Application
Solicitor-Peddler Permit Application

Permit Information:   Click on a link below to download instructional guidelines and applicable permit information.

Additions & Alterations
Certificate of Occupancy Requirements
Commercial Permit Guide
County HOP Permit Guide
Detached Structure
Driveway/Patio Guide
Fence Guide
French Drain
Mechanical Permit Guide
Pool Spa Hot Tub Guide
Rain Conductors/Yard Drain
Single Family Home
Storm Water Guide
Wall Anchor

Fee Schedules:  Click on the individual links below for information regarding permit/inspection fees.

General Fee Schedule Permit Fees