Bethel Park Public Access Television – The Pulse of Bethel Park

Public Access Director – Dave Cable

Public Access Television channels – 32 (Verizon) 7(Comcast)
Government Access channels – 31 (Verizon) 17 (Comcast)

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BPTV is Bethel Park’s very own TV station. With 100s of locally produced TV shows created each year, you will find something of interest when you check us out. Better yet, become a volunteer, and create your own TV show and help your neighbors make their programs as well.

BPTV also offers the opportunity to post not for profit notices on our community bulletin board, which airs on all of our channels between programs. Submissions are due Tuesday morning at 9:00 A.M. for the following week’s announcements.

Bethel Park Public Access Television is a volunteer based non-profit public access TV station. Get involved today and start making the shows you want to watch!

Check out our featured channel: 5 Minute Bed Time Stories.  Elaine Volpe from the Bethel Park Public Library reads short bedtime stories for you to share with your family.  The channel has earned an international following, but our main audience is you, the residents of Bethel Park.  So, please enjoy another great resource brought to you by BPTV in partnership with the Bethel Park Public Library!