Building And Alteration Permits

Building And Alteration Permits

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There are various Residential Permits that may be required for any additions or alterations to a residential property. Commercial Permit  applications must be filled out in it’s entirety AND stamped by a registered, design professional. The following is a summary of the different permits that are required based on the type of improvement to be completed.
Questions regarding the need for a permit should be directed to 412 831-6800 x. 133 or 135 or emailed to

Artisan permit:
An Artisan Permit is required for any alterations and/or additions made that affect property drainage (i.e. surface drainage). Driveways and parking lots that are increased in size also require an Artisan Permit.
What do I need to obtain an Artisan permit?
»  Completed Residential Permit application
»  Detailed description of work to be completed
»  A property survey, which shows the improvements to be completed.

Building Permit:
A building permit is required for all new construction, additions and structural alterations to the property.  The following list are examples that would require a Building Permit. New windows (of different size), HVAC replacements, fencing over six foot, swimming pools, hot tubs/spas, foundation drainage or repair, french drains and sump pumps, construction of a porch roof or pergola, foundation anchors and replacing a load bearing, wall or beam.
What do I need to obtain a Building Permit?
»  Completed Residential Permit application
»  Detailed plans of proposed work; plans must show enough detail/clarification to determine compliance with the Statewide Building Code.
»  A property survey, which shows the improvements to be completed.

Zoning Permit:
A Zoning Permit is required for any and all changes in the use of a residential or commercial property, including any changes that affect parking facilities. Residential sheds, detached garages, play structures and carports, also require a zoning permit.
What do I need to obtain a Zoning Permit?
 Completed  Residential Permit Application
»  Property survey, which shows the improvements to be completed.
»  Detailed description of the proposed change in use, including the following information.

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