Garbage Collection Information and Schedule

2021 Solid Waste & Recycling Collection Guide – Bethel Park

All garbage must be placed in an automated collection garbage can. Loose bags of trash will be collected if they do not fit in your automated waste receptacle (garbage can). Yard waste must be bagged and placed inside the automated waste receptacle or recycled at the monthly recycling drop off located at the municipal public works garage (see schedule below). Automated waste receptacles must be accessible by the garbage collection vehicles automated collection mechanism.

The following is general information/guidelines about the Municipal garbage/recycling program. For more specific information regarding collection days/specific dates on recycling & special recycling events, please refer to the 2021 Solid Waste & Recycling Collection Guide – Bethel Park. If your home is missed or you have a concern about service, please call the local Waste Management office at 1-800-866-4460.

Winter Weather Tips from Waste Management:

  • Make Sure your trash and recycling bags /cans are visible and easily accessible for Waste Management drivers.
  • Waste Management vehicles are much larger and heavier than a passenger vehicle and do not handle in the same manner.  If Waste Management does not come down your street on trash day after a winter weather event, it’s likely because the street is not passable enough for the driver of the trash truck.
  • Please keep in mind that white bags are hard for Waste Management to see on snow covered ground or in snowy conditions.

Garbage/Recycling Collection:

Weekly curbside collection is provided to all single-family residential homes in Bethel Park. Recycling takes place every other week on your scheduled trash collection day.

Garbage/recycling should be placed curbside for collection no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the evening proceeding the garbage collection day and no later than 6:00 a.m. on the collection day. Residents may place an order for additional automated garbage cans by calling Waste Management at 1-800-866-4460. Placing garbage and recyclables out earlier than the permitted time (including furniture, appliances, etc.) may result in a $100 per day fine.

Holiday Schedule:
Observed holidays in 2020 are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. For holidays falling on a Monday through Friday, pickup for the rest of the week will be one day later than the usual day, which is extended to include Saturday.

Items not collected:
While most household disposables are accepted, the following is a list of items that will not be collected. The Municipality will host a “Hard to Recycle” events and will post those events on our Municipal website and social media platforms. This event will provide for the recycling of many of the banned items listed below. A flyer outlining the details of the Hard to Recycle event will be posted on this page as soon as it is available.

Ammunition Auto Parts & Tires
Construction Materials Dead Animals
Fluorescent Bulbs CFL Bulbs
Flammable Materials Furnaces
Needles & Syringes Hazardous Materials
Petroleum Products or Residue Plumbing Materials
Propane Tanks Sale or Display Items
Desktop and Laptop Computers, Computer Monitors, Televisions, and their Peripherals

To find additional information how these items may be disposed of or recycled, please visit DEP’s website at or contact DEP Recycling Hotline at 1-800-346-4242. You may also call the Allegheny County Recycling Coordinator at 412-578-8390.

Other Items Requiring Special Preparation:

Appliances will be collected. Refrigerators must have the doors (for safety) and Freon removed and a “Freon Removal” certification sticker must be placed on the item.

Carpets should be tied and bundled in lengths not to exceed 48 inches & 18 inches in diameter so that one man can lift. Padding must be tack-free and protected from the weather.

Tree Branches must be cut into 36 inch segments, bundled, then placed next to the automated waste receptacles. Yard Waste can now be placed directly in the toter or placed in bags next to the toter on garbage day.

Additionally, there will be a yard waste collection at the Public Works complex on Slater Road on the third Saturday of each month (May-September) from 8 AM – 2 PM.

Empty paint cans and/or dried paint cans may be placed in the automated can, however they must air-dried or soaked up with newspaper or kitty litter. The contractor will not accept paint cans with lids on.

Toilets will be collected curbside, however, the bowl and lid must be separated.

Bulk Pick up:

No more than 2 bulk items (furniture/appliances) can be placed curbside each week.


With glass bottles and containers being eliminated from the Municipal Recycling program, alternate opportunities for glass recycling have been established. For more information, click here.

Benefits to Recycling:  There are many benefits to recycling, such as Economic Benefits, Energy & Natural Resource Savings, Good for Business and it helps to protect the Environment.  You can find out more about how recycling makes a difference by going to the Department of Environmental Protection’s website.

The Municipality is committed to recycling!   All Municipal owned buildings have an active recycling program for staff and we encourage all businesses and residents to recycle. 


Collected Materials:
: Aluminum, steel, tin, & bi-metal cans as well as aluminum foil & foil products.

Plastic: Household containers numbered 1 & 2 only No Plastic Egg or Fruit Containers.
Paper: Paperboard boxes such as cereal/cracker boxes or cardboard packaging, copier paper, magazines, newspaper, catalogs, junk mail, and telephone books. All boxes should be broken down into flat, easily managed 14 x 14 stacks.

Pizza boxes will not be accepted due to food contamination.

Curbside Leaf Waste Collection:

Leaf waste must be placed in paper bags or brown paper leaf bags available in local stores. The use of plastic bags as a receptacle for recycling of leaves is prohibited and will not be accepted. Full bags of leaf waste will be picked up the same day as regular weekly trash for curbside collection during the following spring/fall event leaf recycling weeks:

Spring Collection: May 11-15
Fall Collections: October 19-23, October 26-30, November 2-6, November 9-13, November 16-20, November 30–December 4, December 7-11