The Bethel Park Police Department has adopted a “zero tolerance” attitude in enforcing drug violations.  It is the opinion of our department that most burglary/theft oriented crimes are directly related to drug offenders.

As an example, when a house or vehicle is burglarized, valuables are taken.  The motive for these crimes is frequently traced to illegal drug use.  How?  The most common motive involves the offenders need for money to buy illegal drugs or to pay an outstanding drug debt.  It is very common for drug users to either trade the stolen items for drugs, or to sell the items and use the proceeds to purchase drugs or pay drug debts.

The Bethel Park Drug Task Force realizes that drug enforcement is a key factor in controlling crime rates in our community.  By working together with surrounding agencies (local, state and federal), our Task Force has made numerous arrests.  Other integral partners to assist us are the citizens of Bethel Park.  The citizens are the eyes and ears that report illegal or suspicious activity that often leads to arrests.  By completing the fields below you may anonymously report illegal or suspicious activity.  You may also utilize the TIPS line 412 851-BPPD (or 412 851-2773) to anonymously provide information you believe will help us keep the community safe.  Again, please help us continue our efforts in safeguarding our community.