Municipal Road Management System

Documents and Brochures available to the Public about Road Management:

Road Program – What to expect

Road Program – 3 Year Map:  (TBD)

About the Bethel Park Road Program

The Municipality of Bethel Park is made up of a 12 square mile area.  Within this area, the Municipality is responsible for maintaining approximately 118 miles of road pavement over nine wards.

Capital Improvement Fund

Every year the Municipality uses funding from the Capital Improvement Fund to prepare a contract to repair and resurface various streets throughout the Municipality.  Bethel Park utilizes an asset management system to help prioritize which streets get resurfaced first.  This is the starting point for the selection of the upcoming road program.  Roads are then selected based on various criteria including but not limited to: surface condition, traffic volume, condition of underground utilities, and condition of abutting curbs and inlets.