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Guidance List

Critical Medical Supplies Procurement Portal

Pennsylvania needs critical medical supplies.

To fulfill this need, the departments of Community and Economic Development, Health, General Services, and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency have developed the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Critical Medical Supplies Procurement Portal (the “Portal”) to source the most needed medical supplies.

The Portal is for manufacturers, distributors and other suppliers to inform us of supplies available for purchase and will allow us to more quickly and efficiently procure these supplies for hospitals and medical facilities across Pennsylvania.

Manufacturing Call To Action Portal

The Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development – in collaboration with its strategic partners – wants to mobilize manufacturers that can produce critical medical supplies and products in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are a current manufacturer of supplies and products or can pivot your existing manufacturing capabilities to meet the necessary demand, we want to hear from you.

The Pennsylvania Manufacturing Call to Action Portal allows us to:

  • Match manufacturers and distributors to fill specific supply chain needs to meet increasing demands for medical supplies and related products.
  • Assist manufacturers that have workforce needs or gaps and aid them in identifying skilled workers.
  • Identify manufacturers that can pivot or innovate to fulfill the demand for medical supplies and related products.

!!! Families First Coronavirus Response Act !!!

Please review and plan accordingly. The FFCRA entitles employees to new or expanded paid family or medical leave provisions, expanded unemployment eligibility, and new or expanded paid sick leave provisions. This legislation applies to employers with fewer than 500 employees. In some cases, employers with fewer than 25 are exempt from the requirements.

The legislation is set to take effect within 15 days from its enactment (March 18). As we cannot anticipate each business’s and employee’s particular circumstances and needs, you are advised to review the linked document with your most pertinent staff (e.g. payroll clerk, benefits coordinator) and make that determination. With that said, offices are of course willing to assist you in that endeavor, so please do not hesitate to reach out.

Centers For Disease Control Response Guidelines

PA Response to COVID-19 

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Workplace Management Guidelines

Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry Response Information