Home Rule Charter

On this Election Day, November 7, 2017, the residents of Bethel Park will be asked to vote on four questions to amend the Bethel Park Home Rule Charter.  The four questions, and the reasons for the amendments, are summarized here for the benefit of the voters.  The Bethel Park Home Rule Charter was originally adopted in 1976 and effective in 1978.  In 2016, the Bethel Park Home Rule Study Commission, consisting of 10 citizens of Bethel Park, submitted to Municipal Council its Report on the first comprehensive review of the Home Rule Charter since its original adoption.  The four questions on the November 2017 ballot are some of the recommendations of the Study Commission that were adopted by Council for submission to the voters.

Home Rule Charter Questions – November 6, 2018, Ballot

Home Rule Charter Questions – November 7, 2017, Ballot (100817)

HRSC Report Appendix (FINAL 2-5-16)

HRSC Report and Recommendations (FINAL 2-5-16)

Home Rule Charter (November 2015)

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