The General Election Ballot of November 6, 2018, presented the residents of Bethel Park with a question pertaining to a proposed revision to the Home Rule Charter with respect to Article 12, Initiative and Referendum, Section 1201 General Authority, B. Referendum.  As a result of that election, and the resulting votes cast, the Home Rule Charter was revised as follows:

“In the case of ordinances that increase or decrease a tax rate, the referendum process shall extend only to the extent of any increase or      decrease in the tax rate.   If referendum proceedings are commenced under this Article 12 with respect to any ordinance that sets a tax rate, and Council fails to repeal or amend the ordinance being challenged, the ordinance shall be deemed to be adopted and remain in effect for the tax   rate in effect prior to the adoption of the ordinance and only the increase or decrease in the tax rate included in the original ordinance shall be placed on the ballot at a regular election, as provided in Article 12, Section 1206B.”

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