NoBe (previously Opex)

3561 Valley Drive, Bethel Park 15234

Abby McCormick

NoBe Owner & Coach Abby McCormick

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Monday – Thursday:  5:30 – 7:30 a.m.; 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.; & 4:30-7:30 p.m.

Fridays:  5:30 – 7:30 a.m.; 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.; & 5:15 – 6:15 p.m.

Saturday:  8-11 a.m.

NoBe Gym

NoBe Gym

Sunday8-10 a.m.


NoBe offers those interested in becoming stronger and more fit the opportunity to work with an experienced personal trainer dedicated to helping them live their best life both inside and out of the gym.  Learn how to build long-term positive habits that last a lifetime while engaging in personalized exercise, nutrition and a lifestyle plan created for you at your starting point!

NoBe Personal Training includes:

  • Two 60 – 90-minute assessment sessions with your coach
  • 100% personalized fitness program
  • Unlimited personalized workouts each week
  • Unlimited access to the facility during Floor Times
  • Personalized coaching during every workout
  • 30-minute monthly check-in with your coach
  • Daily communication with your coach via TrueCoach
  • Personalized nutrition program & coaching
  • Personalized lifestyle program & coaching


NoBe Owner Abby McCormick is dedicated to helping individuals of all ages and abilities reach their fitness goals.

“I grew up playing tennis and played at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for four years.  During that time, my fitness and strength training coach, Jim Crowell of Integrated Fitness in Bethel Park, inspired me to become a fitness coach too,” said McCormick.  “I watched how he helped individuals reach their goals and I wanted to do the same!  So, I studied Exercise Science at IUP, and after graduation, I began working in the professional training and coaching field.”

Crowell then encouraged McCormick to take her dream of helping others to a new level by opening her own facility.

“After receiving certification through OPEX, I opened a facility in Bethel Park three and a half years ago; recently I changed the business name to NoBe because I was ready to branch out further on my own,” said McCormick who now employs two full-time and three part-time coaches who along with her work with about 80 clients.

McCormick’s father helped her come up with “NoBe” which stands for “North Bethel,” and her new brand launched on Aug. 5th.

“I really enjoy helping people reach their goals,” she added.  “Being on the receiving end of fitness coaching helped me personally and professionally and that’s something I want to share with others.”

McCormick said that when clients start with NoBe, they receive an hour-long initial consultation to review their exercise history, sleep patterns, eating habits, activity level, and more.

“Basically, we discuss all that impacts the person including their exercise routine and what’s important to them,” she said.  “Afterwards, we conduct a 30-45-minute movement assessment analyzing their capabilities/limitations, any injuries and more to determine a solid starting point to help develop a customized program.”

Clients receive their dedicated coach prior to the initial consultation/movement assessment.

Our youngest client is currently age 16 and our oldest is 78,” said McCormick.  “We also have individuals who’ve never worked out before, others who’ve tried everything and now want more structure and accountability, and athletes who are improving their strength.”

McCormick said that they also work with those who are injured and/or disabled.

“We’ll figure out what they can do; I don’t want anyone to feel defeated,” she said.  “We’ll help them to see progress and become empowered.”


12 Months:  $345/month – includes unlimited gym access, nutrition advice, lifestyle tips and a 30-minute monthly coach consultation.

NoBe Coach Logan

NoBe Coach Logan

Month–to–Month:  $375 month – includes all the same benefits as above without a long-term commitment.

To book an initial consultation, call, email or visit the NoBe website.


“I grew up in Bethel Park and lived there my entire life other than when I went to IUP,” said McCormick.  “I also want people to know that NoBe offers a really safe, fun community for people to learn how to exercise, work on improving aspects of their exercise program or try exercises that they’ve been intimidated to do on their own.  In fact, we have a lot of people who’ve been afraid to go to a gym who feel extremely comfortable at NoBe!”


One of McCormick’s first clients has now been with her six years.  During that time, she’s lost about 50 pounds, exercises five times a week (when she started, she worked out twice a week), improved her nutrition, and now enjoys cooking most of her food.

“She found the joy in exercising and learned how it can be helpful in your life and make you feel stronger.  It’s the compounding habits that improve an individual over time,” said McCormick.  “My hope is that people can learn to enjoy exercise and find out how positively it can impact their lives as well!”