Bethel Park Military Banner Program began taking applications in December of 2012 for display in 2013.  While a typical life span of a banner is four to five years some of the banners have become worn, ripped or faded and cannot be displayed for the 2020 season.  The cost for a replacement banner is $50.

The deadline for this year’s display is March 29, 2021.   Please call (412) 831-6800, ext. 205, if you have any questions.  Also, the application can be downloaded from here:

Military Banner Application
Replacement Military Banner Application

Please note:  Veterans initially bracketed together will only be bracketed together again if both banners are being replaced.

The following list of names are those of veteran banners in need of replacement:

Last Name First Name Condition
Burns James H. Faded/Cracked
Gallagher James F. Faded/Cracked
Hunt Raymond E. Torn
Manion James Faded/Cracked
Marlin Paul Roy Faded/Cracked
Pilardi Ronald James Faded/Cracked
Quigley Albert L. Faded
Reitmeyer Nathan Faded/Cracked
Sholtis David J. Faded/Cracked
Summers, II James J. Faded/Cracked
Wilson Donald Faded/Cracked