Bethel Park Military Banner Program began taking applications in December of 2012 for display in 2013.  While a typical life span of a banner is four to five years some of the banners have become worn, ripped or faded and cannot be displayed for the 2020 season.  The cost for a replacement banner is $45.

The deadline for this year’s display is Monday, April 20th and are available on  Please call (41) 831-6800, ext. 205, if you have any questions.  Also, the application can be downloaded from here:

Military Banner PDF File

Military Banner application

Please note:  Veterans initially bracketed together will only be bracketed together again if both banners are being replaced.

The following list of names are those of veteran banners in need of replacement:

Last Name First Name Condition
Cornish, Sr. Richard R. Dry Rot Damage
Dabkowski Frank Dry Rot Damage
Graziani Richard Ripped
Laxton John F. Faded
Marnik John Faded
Mc Cuean Paul Robert Dry Rot Damage
Quigley Albert L. Faded
Rockacy Eugene J. Dry Rot Damage
Tranquilli Steve Faded
West Anton “Tony” Faded