Starting Tuesday, May 25th, Pavement Technologies will begin rejuvenating streets that were recently paved in 2018 and 2020.  The “Rejuvenator” process extends the life of pavement while conserving the Municipality’s maintenance budget freeing up funds for other annual road paving projects.  Benefits include delaying the road aging process, reversing aging, waterproofing & sealing asphalt, and restoring asphalt.

Residents on streets being treated will be notified by the contractor the day prior to rejuvenation taking place.   During the one-hour process, residents will not be able to park or drive on the street being treated.

As part of this project, the Municipality will embark on a 5-year research study to determine the product benefits and assess if it’s worthwhile and a good use of funds.  Each year during the study, the Municipality will assess the condition of the roads being treated with “Rejuvenator” and make a recommendation to Council at the end of the study period.

The Municipality thanks you for your patience and hopes that this worthwhile maintenance project will extend the life of our streets.

Questions?  Call 412-831-6800, x138.