According to the Allegheny County Elections Division, several voters have received the wrong ballot in the mail; the issue is with the Ward and District.  Therefore, we’re encouraging those who’ve received or will be receiving a mail-in ballot to check the Ward and District printed at the top and bottom of the ballot against your voter registration at

If you find a disparity, contact the Elections Division via email at or by phone at 412-350-4500.  You’ll need to provide the name, registered voting address, municipality, ward, and district of the ballot you received (printed at the top and bottom of the ballot) and, if known, your municipality, ward and district.

Those impacted should keep their declaration and security envelopes, as well as the instructions, and destroy the incorrect ballot.  ONLY the correct ballot will be mailed out to the voter.

The Elections Division is working to determine what happened and how many voters may be impacted and will share that information when they have additional information.