With camping season winding down soon, many residents will be preparing to store their recreational vehicles and campers over the winter.  Before you do, here are  some key points to keep in mind:

Bethel Park Recreational Vehicle Parking and Storage Regulations

  • RVs cannot be parked for periods exceeding 72 hours on private property.
  • RVs must be parked on the owner’s property.
  • If the RV is parked for longer than 72 hours, it must be parked in a garage or behind the front face of the primary dwelling.
  • The RV must be stored 30 ft. from a front property line and not closer than 7.5 ft. to a side or rear property line.
  • No RV may be used for habitation while parked or stored on private property.
  • No RV over 30 ft. in length shall be stored on private property.
  • No more than one RV may be parked or stored on private property unless that vehicle is parked in a garage.

For questions or more information, contact Code Enforcement Officer David Rudolph at drudolph@bethelpark.net.

Thanks for your kind attention!