The Municipality of Bethel Park has a large array of parks that accommodate a wide range of athletic and recreational activities including rental pavilions at Simmons and Village Green Parks.  Questions about activities in the parks should be directed to or 412-831-1328.

Park Site Location Acreage Facilities
Park Avenue Fields 5151 Park Avenue 11 play apparatus w/slides, swing set/2 adult and 2 infant, 2 spring toys, youth baseball/softball field, multi purpose field (lighted), walking track, storage unit/press box, concession stand, pavilion, scoreboard
Millennium Park 5900 Baptist Road 40 soccer/lacrosse/multi-purpose field, 2 youth baseball/softball fields (1 lighted), adult softball field (lighted),  restroom facilities, play apparatus w/slide, spring see-saw, sports court, soccer ball kick board, swing set, walking trail, 2 batting cages
Miner’s Memorial Park 5480 Main Street 8.08 pavilion w/tables, play apparatus w/slides, 2 climbing apparatus, 4 adult and 2 infant swings, picnic grill, 4 seat spring toy, basketball court (lighted), 2 youth baseball/softball fields, adult softball field, ½ basketball court, 2 batting cages, concession stand,
Simmons Park 1200 Clifton Road 25.50

2 pavilions w/tables, 1 picnic grill, 2 play apparatus w/slides, swing sets/4 adult and 4 infant, 2 spring rocking toys, kids basketball score game, see-saw,

2 basketball courts (lighted), sand volleyball court (lighted), 3 baseball/softball fields (lighted), pickleball court, 2 tennis courts (lighted), 2 batting cages, walking trail, bike rack, concession stand, restroom facilities

Village Green Park 7000 Alicia Drive 11
2 pavilions w/tables, 2 play apparatus w/slides and tire swing, 3 climbing apparatus, soccer/lacrosse field, baseball/softball field, 2 horseshoe courts, walking trail, restroom facilities/storage unit/concession stand