After doing somewhat better, we’re now back to seeing an increase in clogged lines at the Wastewater Treatment Plant serving our area due to residents flushing items that should be placed in the trash.

The only thing that should be flushed is toilet paper.  Any wipe products on the market today used to clean and disinfect your homes should be thrown in the trash.

Never flush the following items; toss them in the trash instead:  baby/facial/cleaning wipes; tampons; sanitary napkins; medication; hair; dental floss; cotton swabs/balls; bandages; bags and towels; rubber items (like latex gloves); fat/cooking oil/grease; clothing labels; candy/food wrappers; syringes; cigarette butts; disposable toilet brushes; kitty litter; aquarium gravel; plastic items; diapers; fruit stickers; and paper towels.

Thanks so much for your help and cooperation in keeping YOUR Wastewater Treatment Plant running smoothly!