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5779 Library Road, Bethel Park

412-835-5780 * www.shopevey.com (customers can purchase items from this site) *eveytruevalue.comeveyhdw@gmail.com


6 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. (M-Fri.); 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Sat.); & 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.  (Sun.)


Evey Hardware opened in November 1953 with then Owners Ed and Pat Evey at the helm.  Current Owner Andy Amrhein started at the store at age 13 in 1973 and became general manager in 1978 after graduating high school.  Then in 1981, he became a partner, and in 1994, he and his wife became the sole owners of the establishment.

Evey Hardware is a well-stocked store with 14 departments ranging from Plumbing, Building, Excavating, a Party Division, Small Engine Repair Shop and more.  But what sets the store apart from its competitors is the friendliness and high-level of customer service provided by staff.

“We have the inventory and expertise that you can get at other places,” said Andy.  “But we have 35 employees who will help customers from the beginning to end of their projects.  My staff is my biggest asset and I’d be lost without them!”

And, staff there tend to stay.  “We don’t have high turnover, and we actually have a waiting list of people who want to work with us,” he added.


With its 14 departments, customers can find most anything they need for their projects such as tools, lawn & garden items, paint & supplies, cleaning, basic hardware, and more.  The two largest departments are Plumbing and Electrical.  Another large department is Rentals housing several million dollars’ worth of rental equipment ranging from plumbing tools to chain saws, pressure washers, ladders, excavating tools and equipment, and a specialty Party Division offering tents, chairs and more.

“I tell people to buy what they want and rent what they need,” said Andy who suggests renting items that aren’t used often such as chain saws and pressure washers.  “Our Rental Department is a business within the business and takes up as much space as our Hardware Division.  We also handle about 12 parties every weekend through the end of June.”  Because of the huge demand, the Rental Department has a dedicated staff for delivering and servicing items.

Evey Hardware also has a 4,000 sq. ft. Small Engine Repair Shop with four employees who take care of customer small engine repair needs year-round on items such as pressure washers, lawn mowers, snow blowers, chain saws, and more.  The shop also makes all sizes of hydraulic hoses.

The store also regularly ships items to customers all over the United States and beyond.  “We even have customers from Canada, Europe and Mexico!” said Andy.


“Ask Andy Radio,” a show answering home improvement questions and concerns hosted by Andy, has been on KDKA Radio AM 1020 for 26 years and is now also on FM 100.1 on Saturdays at 10 a.m.  Shows can also be viewed on Evey Hardware’s Facebook page.  “I’m referred to as Mr. True Value and I look forward to the show each week where I answer guest home improvement questions,” said Andy.  “We were also the first show on KDKA radio to simulcast on radio and Facebook.”

He was also with Pittsburgh Today Live offering home improvement advice and is still with them as a guest host over 16 years later.

Other ways to “Ask Andy” for advice are on his website, through email, phone, or simply to stop in the store.  He typically receives about 200 questions each week.  “I live and breathe for this and so does my staff…we answer questions on a daily basis and we’re there to help and assist,” he said.  “The first thing I do each morning is go through my messages and respond to them all.”

The most asked question?  Anything about toilets according to Andy!  “I look at it as the most heavily used appliance in the house!” he said.


“I have a lovely family including my wife and three children and I would do it all over again if I had to,” he said.  “I have no regrets.  I love my life and still enjoy each day.  I work 80 – 100 hours a week and start at 4 a.m. every morning.  I’ll continue to do this as long as my body holds up!

“More than anything else, I love Bethel Park, my community, and being involved with the Community Foundation, Educational Foundation, Library Board, helping the Municipality and School District (currently chairing their Strategic Planning Committee), and assisting with the marketing of the Bethel Park Farmers’ Market.  I’m on lots of advisory boards for the Municipality and School District; I thrive on helping our community.  I was born and raised here and never plan on leaving,” said Andy.


For store sales, visit their Facebook page at Evey True Value Hardware where they post about five days each week listing promotions, events and more.