Name E-Mail Address Position
Babin, Blake Lieutenant, Bethel Park Police
Baynham, Michelle Administrative Assistant, Administration
Beardsley, Susann Payroll Clerk
Belback, Aimee Secretary, Bethel Park Police
Cable, David Bethel Park TV, Public Access Director
Christian, Laurence Municipal Manager
Colussi, Karen Director IT, Communications, and Website
Davin, Janet Secretary, Finance
DeFabbo, Doreen

Dowdell, Drew

Dolinar, Susan

Manager, Human Resources

Director, Special Projects, PM

Director, Public Works

Dunn, Scott Superintendent, Water Treatment Plant
Arnold, Dave Administrative Lieutenant, Bethel Park Police
Eason, Haya Receptionist
Graf, Stacey Director, Engineering
Alberter, Diana Secretary, Commercial Services
Hicks, Rob Building Code Official
Rudolph, Dave Property Maint / Ordinance Enf Officer
Kelly, Vince Residential Building Inspector
Inglis, Pamela

Lapaglia, Lisa

Accounting Supervisor

Director, Finance

Lambros, Louis Engineering, Road Program
Malay, Cathy Secretary, Residential Services
Miller, Jake Assistant Superintendant, WWTP
Municipal Council
Muscato, Cathy Assistant Recreation Director
O’Connor, Timothy Chief of Bethel Park Police
Engineering Assistant Inspector
Roney, Timothy Engineering Inspector
Stover, Chuck Director, Recreation Center
Tanney, Michelle Records, Bethel Park Police