Individual Taxes:

Earned Income Tax:   The Municipality’s Earned Income Tax rate is .09 per dollar of earned income; it is paid via payroll deduction by the employer and then collected by a central tax collection agency on behalf of the Municipality.  To determine your Municipal earned income tax liability, use the Earned Income Tax Calculator
It should be noted that the School District also charges an Earned Income Tax in the amount of .05 per dollar of earned income.

Real Estate Tax:  The Municipality’s Real Estate Tax is .34 mils for Fire Department Fund and 2.44 mils which supports the General Fund and the Capital Fund.  To determine your Real Estate Tax liability, use the   Real Estate Tax Calculator

Real Estate tax bills are mailed to property owners and mortgage holders in July and are due at a 2% discount by August 30th and at face by October 31st. Tax bills paid after October 31st will be subject to penalty and interest charges.  

Local Services Tax: Local services tax of $52.00 per year applies to all individuals who are employed by a business located in Bethel Park and have total annual earnings of greater than $12,000. The tax is paid via payroll deduction by the employer.  Should the Local Services Tax be deducted from earnings, and the year-end earnings fall short of $12,000, the taxpayer is entitled to receive a refund of the LST.  Refunds may be requested upon submission of the annual tax filing with Jordan Tax Service.

Sanitary Sewer Fees: Sewer fees are billed monthly and are based on water usage as calculated and reported to the Municipality by the PA American Water Company. There is a base monthly service fee of $15.00, in addition to a fee of $9.00/1,000 gallons, effective July 1, 2017.   Jordan Tax Service is the billing agent for all sanitary sewer fees.