We’ve had a lot of feedback on this post, which came out yesterday, so we’d like to clarify this information for you.  In the ‘Green Phase,’ the Governor has allowed for 50% capacity inside of a venue, and he’s also allowing outside seating areas.  By offering this temporary outdoor seating permit, the Municipality is trying to help businesses to get back to some sort of a normal 100% capacity.

This is not something that is typically permitted by our ordinance.  This temporary permit is a way to ensure that any structures that are placed for now, for example a tent, are installed in a manner that protects restaurant patrons.  So, the goal of the permit is to allow for something temporarily that isn’t normally in place.

If businesses already have outdoor seating at their establishments, they don’t need a permit; however, if they’re setting up new outdoor seating at this time, the permit cost covers inspections to ensure that their outdoor seating area is in compliance with current safety standards.

Following is the Original Post:

With temporary outdoor seating now allowed at restaurants, the Municipality of Bethel Park has developed a temporary outdoor seating permit to help you through this time!   To obtain one for your establishment, simply fill out the “Temporary Outdoor Seating Permit” on our website.  All businesses that would like to move forward with temporary outdoor seating starting June 5 should contact rhicks@bethelpark.net or visit bethelpark.net to obtain a copy of the temporary outdoor seating permit.