We’re Asking for Your ‘YES’ Vote on Tuesday, May 18th!

On May 18th, you’ll see a Voter Referendum from the Municipality of Bethel Park at the bottom of the ballot asking for your “Yes” vote.

Bethel Park’s existing Home Rule Charter requires that the Municipal Planner live within the Municipality of Bethel Park; however, the most qualified candidate may or may not currently reside in the community.  And, many Municipal positions are already filled by very qualified individuals who love Bethel Park despite living elsewhere.

With an average one-way work commute of 26.7 minutes in Allegheny County, the majority of Bethel Park residents most likely don’t live and work within the confines of the Municipal boundaries.  However, that doesn’t make them less enthusiastic about where they work or their profession.

Bethel Park seeks to hire employees who have the passion to make the Municipality the most sought-after place to live!  However, not everyone wants to relocate to the community where they work due to already being established in their current home, having children happy with their schools, and a variety of other reasons.  Because of this, we want to be able to open our hiring pool up as wide as possible.

Your ‘YES’ vote on May 18th will enable the Municipality to hire the most qualified candidate for the Municipal Planner position!

May 18th Referendum Informational Videos

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Referendum & Our Employees

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