There have been a few questions about the service fee charged to your monthly sewer bill.


What is the sewer service fee?


The sewer service fee is a monthly fixed cost, billed to each customer based on the number of premise at each property.


How much is the sewer service fee?


The fee is $15 per premise based on the number of premise on the property. This charge will be in addition to rates based on the quantity of water used and shall be payable as a minimum charge whether or not there is any water usage in the premises during the month.


Why does the customer have to pay it?


The purpose of the sewer service fee is to raise revenue for the cost of maintenance, construction, operation, and improvement of the Municipality’s sanitary sewage system.


How is it billed?


The monthly fixed sewer service fee is billed along with the usage charge based on the customer consumption by Jordan Tax Service.  Once the customer pays the monthly charges, that revenue collected by Jordan Tax Service and returned to the Municipality to cover all costs in the sewer fund budget.