We are all making some kind of transition during this strange and confusing time in all our lives and could each use a sense of reassurance to help keep our normalcy intact. To that end, we reached out to members of our community for their insights on how best to adjust for those of us now required to work from home in light of changes to the workplace brought on by COVID-19. For that we thank them, and hope that their words provide some amount of comfort and connection.

Here’s a little of what they had to say!


Keep to a schedule and even schedule in fun time, lunch during the work day. It’s easy to have the work/life balance be blurred during this time.

–Marianne Schafer


Take your regular lunch hour and do something you enjoy. I’ve been doing adult paint-by-number’s, going for walks, and even purchased Rosetta Stone to start learning new languages.

–Kerri Ann


Get dressed as if you were going into work. My husband gets up, dressed like he should walk out there door, and begins.

–Becky Robert


Designated work space, have set work hours, and no TV on.

–Melody Miller


Pace and plan your day out. Take breaks, step away and most importantly shutdown at the end of the day. Try to avoid email overload, sometimes a quick call can resolve a potential wrong email interpretation!

–Scott Mattila


I have worked from home for 25 years and making boundaries for your time is critical. Make sure you limit your phone access and email access to work hours. There is usually no reason to be available 24/7 unless you are in a life critical industry.

I know it is tempting to spend the day in jammies but get dressed. It sets a tone that you are ready to work.

–Nancy Palmquist


If you can, shower and get ready in the morning before you start. You’ll feel like a real human being. Be sure to take set breaks for food. Be sure to shut down from everything at the end of the day otherwise you’ll feel like you’re sleeping at the office, which can build up your anxiety.

–Amanda McCafferty


Set up your planned work the day before if possible; use a designated work space; try to keep younger kids busy with coloring, Legos, or books; make sure you take a lunch break; and I like to play my favorite music in the background while working!

–Kim Weightman


Be thankful….you GET to work from home in a time such as this. Remember the value you’re providing to the organization and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Appreciate the opportunity to still make a difference with your contributions.

–Eve Tanner

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