Public Works Building

Public Works Department
2490 Slater Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102



Susan Dolinar
Director, Public Works
412.831.6800 x301




Public Works

The Public Works Department consists of a Director, an Assistant Director, two mechanics, two building attendants, and 16 support employees.

They maintain over 152 lane miles of roadway which includes both municipal and state-owned highways.

Our two mechanics maintain, inspect and repair 24 police department vehicles, 16 eight ton salt / dump trucks, one front loader, one backhoe, 31 light weight vehicles, 15 lawn tractors and park maintenance equipment.

Public Works Crew

Snow and Ice Removal

Public Works maintains a fleet of 16 eight-ton salt trucks and a front loader specific for snow and ice events.  Normal Response time to apply a mixture of salt and liquid materials is approximately two to three hours.  If the snow event is over two to three inches, , the timeline to clear all roadways increases significantly since we will be passing each roadway three to four times to plow the snow and open roadways.  In addition to municipal roadways, the municipality is under contract and responsible for clearing all state roadways of snow and ice.  The list of state roadways are:

Irishtown Ext.
Library Rd (Rt. 88)
South Park Road

We have 13 designated routes that drivers follow that include main roads to be cleared first, then secondary roads, then dead-end streets last.

Municipal residents are reminded that it is unlawful to plow or shovel snow on to a roadway, or plow snow across municipal streets.  Please do not park on roadways during a snow event.  This makes it dangerous for our road crews to safely clear the snow and ice from municipal streets.

Plow trucks

Park and Athletic Field Maintenance

Also included in the many things Public Works does is maintenance of 12 ball fields, two natural turf multipurpose fields and one artificial multipurpose field.  We also provide maintenance on five park maintenance buildings, three major park playgrounds, tennis courts, volleyball, basketball and pickleball courts. We also maintain five parklets:

Oak Tree
Pine Tree
Birch Tree
Elm Tree
Molly Hill

During the ball season, all fields are dragged daily and cut weekly.

Roadway Minor Repairs and Signage

Public Works also repairs potholes and make minor road repairs.  They inspect and replace all roadway signs as needed, and replace all municipal street identification signs.

Storm Basin and Sanitary Manholes

Public Works repairs and maintains over 6800 storm basins located along our roadways, as well as 6000 sanitary manholes.  We inspect and maintain 206 miles of sanitary sewer main lines (excluding private laterals and connections).

Buildings and Grounds

We also maintain building operations in the following buildings:

Municipal Building
Community Center
Brightwood Fire Station
Milford Fire Station
Clifton Station

The municipal building and community center attendants are responsible for maintaining the inside and outside of buildings, cleaning, HVAC, light plumbing, light electrical, meeting room setups, painting and lawn care.